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December 2018

— I used to use SQLite to test PHP apps


NoSQL is not a shell-level tool, that's implementation-specific to any DBMS

ASCII files is a misrepresentation, many NoSQL databases (Mongo, SQLite, etc) store stuff in a binary form that is unreadable to the mentioned tools

No, the form of each file is NOT defined at all, since again, NoSQL is an umbrella term

— ^

— SQLite does not do ascii, has no real shell-level tools, so it wouldn't fit either even if it was in fact NoSQL

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— There's some UTF8 readable ASCII embedded in there

— I think the overall format is something else though

— Probably, but that's probably true for many SQLs as well

— Store as string -> will probably be a string on disk somewhere, inside a binary format

— I think ive got the idea behind nosql umbrella🤤 its client side database control

— Server is dumb, client is smart. and for sql database its the reverse

— No

— You can't make these assumptions