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December 2018

— If you reach the upper limit of the request capacity of the database it would be advisable to also cluster the database, possibly with continuous replication, but only on an as-needed basis

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If your single database can service your request volume without choking, there is no need for any additional databases

— Hi

— Anybody knows if there is a Vuejs channel for asking?

— Another issue. Anyone knows how to test with jest and Vue if my component redirects

— ??

— Https://

— What else does the component do?
What exactly do you want to test ?

— Ask here btw, vue is pretty much on topic

— Hi many tanks. Wanna test Vue router

— I have a hook in which I have to test if a api request fails, it redirects to 404

— Hello Friend's
I want to create one to many relationship collections.
Using node is and mongoose want to fetch data. Before that I want to save into that table also..

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