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December 2018

— Or just a mere web using a mysql and apache functionality?


Okaaay, im finished with the performance. redsock is as fast as greensock🤤 in fact, it's 40% slower at animation but this difference doesnt make sense for renderers. back to the UI tests👌 see you there... data structures is what brings real speed, then goes code, not first

— Looks like circular slider, or what do you mean by slider? image-slider, range-slider...

— Looks like SVG manual case

— I want to build an Android app only using js HTML and css

— Range slider

— Okay, range. so you want to implement your own or get already finished one

— Html , css and jQuery.

— JQuery🤤

— Yes I want implement.

— You want to implement reusable one or implement for this exact case of yours?

— If you have any idea then share with me.