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December 2018

— In some browsers you can hide the scrollbar with css. There is another way which works in all browsers. When the scrolling container width is wider than the viewport and you disable horizontal scrolling. Then you cant see the scrollbar because its outside of the viewport.

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Https:// there someone also wrote about a more reliable js solution

— Not working tried

— What exactly is not working? no events?

— Marvin_1003 This is what I currently use:

— Long story, short: Hiding scrollbars only visually without disabling its functionality isn’t really possible *without using JavaScript*.

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— The workaround will have do something along the lines of moving the scrollbar out of a visible area. E.g.: Hiding it under another element with overflow hidden (see codepen above) or measuring the scrollbar size (doesn’t really work, scrollbars have different sizes).

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— Ah, I meant to mention rakesh above, sorry.

— Thanks

— I also forgot to mention that the JavaScript solutions are more reliable (as Marvin mentioned as well). It depends on whether JavaScript is to be avoided in your application.

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— I want to create a mongo collection one to many and many to one

— Using compass