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November 2018

— But yeah... that's a minor problem compared to this


I know. But it is not a project to publish online, it is only in local and in private, that is why security does not worry or some other aspects, I only look for speed since it is something that does not have much importance.

— Https://

— Performance, safety is not a factor, it is only important that it works and is dedicated to the shortest possible time.

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— Okay, encoding stuff unneccessarily is not performant, neither is constructing DOM objeccts from HTML strings

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— So encoding first, then remove HTML strings and replace with JSON or msgpack

— Var o = JSON.parse(datos);

— It's very rare that you need to sacrifice performance for safety

— It's often the opposite

— Performance and safety usually go hand in hand

— Okaaay, this makes even less sense now

— Datos is already a JS variable?