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November 2018

— And why did not you give me a solution to my question? Or simply because you think something is wrong you prefer not to answer?

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To me when they ask me for help, first I answer their question and then I make suggestions, never the other way around.

— Proper solution requires changes to both server and client

— Probably in more places than you think

— AND I would need some code to suggest a proper solution

— Function funt(String(a)) ??

— What extra code is needed to know if this can be done or not, and more by putting a sample of python, if it exists in a language I was wondering if it existed in js

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— The problem you want a solution to is calling a function from a response payload that you don't have full control over

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— The proper solution is to change the way your data gets transferred, so you gain full control

— *something* is replacing " with ' and ' with ", and there is no reason to do this over websockets

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— Remove that *something*

— And make it work properly