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November 2018

— Make it not do that


I do not look for corrections of what has been done or explain all the operation since it would be a long time, the question is whether it can be done previously mentioned in some way?

— But thanks for worrying

— Https://

— Solved : '

— Then things will suck

— Oh my, this is not good

— If you do not see the whole context it is difficult to say, but thanks anyway.

— Not difficult

— Easy to see when things are done overly complex and wrong

— I do not understand how you can say that without knowing what I'm doing or anything ... If you had given some solution like this so simple that I just put maybe would allow you to judge me, but you gave me no solution, you only thought blindly without contributing anything .

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— But it does not matter, thanks for trying. 👍🏻