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November 2018

— Since I can do this, I have tried many different ways without success


<a href='javascript:;' onclick='funt(dato);'> Click </a>

function funt(a.toString) {

— I need to pass it to string in js

— Wat

— The first 2 are possible

— In my case, there is a problem.
Can it be transformed in some way upon receiving it?
Something like that I mean?

function funt(a.toString) {
function funt(String(a)) {

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— What's the problem?

— If you can't encode " or ' correctly through a websocket, fix that first

— Websocket should not transform the data

— Make it not do that

— I do not look for corrections of what has been done or explain all the operation since it would be a long time, the question is whether it can be done previously mentioned in some way?

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— But thanks for worrying