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November 2018

— Emulate it with another container probably


This will make it way more complicated. Its an overflowing table. I dont want to insert absolute positioned container in it.

— To emulate the sticky behaviour

— To test something, you need *something* first, some subject.. Vue is tested by Vue devs, js is tested by js devs..

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— Some js bloggers were proposing to make API which accept single object parameter like someFunc({flag: true, data: "two"});

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— I ve views, I ve components, but I don't know what is the best way. Unit tests or end to end? Are there any Vue testing framework?

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— Object param makes sense in some cases

— Like when you have loads of optional arguments

— You don't want to pass 4 optional arguments with the same value as the default just to pass the one you're gonna change

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— It's quite functional and looks good, but it's not fast if used at lower levels

— Sure it is

— Why wouldn't it be