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November 2018

— I found a solution.


I usually use stringify, but I'm not sure if the problem is with FormData, if you send the data?

data = JSON.stringify({ prodids: 2081 })

— Guys I need a fixed element relative to an horizontal overflow box. Position sticky is not a real option due to browser support. Transforming the element onscroll is pretty laggy in older browser. An idea?

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— Can anyone send me some doc for starting to test using Vue and js? I've never do testing 😅. I'm thinking about do TDD for my next proyect

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— Not sure what the hell I'm looking at tbh

— It's like object literal without curly braces???

— Oh that's just the editor adding some type shit afaik

— The body: stuff

— Oh

— So parameter names

— Yes

— Probably that