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November 2018

— It looks like styled


It's CSS related, like, if you have node element with some .class {width:50%}, and after some state change you add .anotherClass {width: 100%}, it should be FLIP transition, which will emulate width change in the middle.. in general.

— Transform transitions go through GPU, so it wont hurt CPU main thread..

— I still wonder why js animations are often more performant than css transforms. At least when you use gsap.

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— This 😄

— Css transitions doesnt show in perf monitor🤤

— I mean those pens where you see fps differences between various animation libraries and css

— I dont know, but its very small motivation to improve css transitions speed.. they are not flexible enough.

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— Https://

— Hi All, one of my friend represent OpenWorld Consulting company and she said “I am contacting several freelancers, of different areas for future projects.
If you are freelancer and have interest in expanding your possibilities, please send your update CV in Word format to, so that we can send you back some questions to understand better your expertise, what you are looking for and where, so that we can match with our projects. If you also know other freelancers, please feel free to share with them our email.
Thank you very much and hope to contact you soon.”

Do send your cv and get the opportunity to work with them!

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— I dont belive to words, tests only🤤

— Anyone of you guys know how to update a material-ui toggler via react ref?