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November 2018

— The app is any web app or a static web site.


In Discourse, I set up routes for this web app. When a path matching such a route is requested, the document of the web app is fetched and rendered inside the Discourse instance.

— Visually speaking: Discourse’s top navigation bar remains and below it, the page from the web app is rendered.

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— SomeApp => Discourse, and you cant change someApp?

— I can change it. Both are under the same control, but run independently.

— It’s what I currently do: Changeing someApp’s stylesheets to avoid collisions with Discourse’s styles

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— Better implement the API

— I don’t know what you mean by that.

— Only JSON transfers

— I’m afraid I don’t follow you.

— You must. i order you🤤

— Https://