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November 2018

— Then use api, they return json data


All templates for the render point could be put into same .html and with template parser and data you may generate any custom layout

— I’m not dealing with any layouts here though

— The web application is stand-alone. I’m just embedding it into another web application.

— Discourse => someApp => myApp?

— Only Discourse and some app.

— The app is any web app or a static web site.

— In Discourse, I set up routes for this web app. When a path matching such a route is requested, the document of the web app is fetched and rendered inside the Discourse instance.

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— Visually speaking: Discourse’s top navigation bar remains and below it, the page from the web app is rendered.

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— SomeApp => Discourse, and you cant change someApp?

— I can change it. Both are under the same control, but run independently.

— It’s what I currently do: Changeing someApp’s stylesheets to avoid collisions with Discourse’s styles

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