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November 2018

— Or files for mustache or other template parser


There is basically two web applications. One is a Discourse instance and the other is an independent web app/site. The goal is to render documents from the second web app inside the Discourse instance.

— Hence, I’m requesting the full documents from the second web app with asynchronous requests.

— I’m doing this as a job at university. The long-term idea is to use Discourse features like authentication, user management, the forum etc. for any web application without the need to tightly integrate the one with other.

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— Then use api, they return json data

— All templates for the render point could be put into same .html and with template parser and data you may generate any custom layout

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— I’m not dealing with any layouts here though

— The web application is stand-alone. I’m just embedding it into another web application.

— Discourse => someApp => myApp?

— Only Discourse and some app.

— The app is any web app or a static web site.

— In Discourse, I set up routes for this web app. When a path matching such a route is requested, the document of the web app is fetched and rendered inside the Discourse instance.

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