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November 2018

— So.. as you do


This project is very much a prototype in development. A top-level goal is to keep all implementation as decoupled from the document I want to embed as possible. If that’s not feasable, steps like processing CSS would be necessary, but I try to avoids that.

— Why not iframe?

— I tried that, but it was extremely iffy.

— Wat is iffy?

— I should probably also note that the document I’m trying to embed comes from the same origin. I’m not trying to embed random interweb pages.

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— It was iffy to get the iframe to render a full html document from a markup string rather than a src URL.

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— Hmm, then its not a problem

— That’s what I’m dealing with: An AJAX response containing full markup in the response body.

— I put together a question Stack Overflow:

— Why its full html and not reduced parts of what matters?

— Or files for mustache or other template parser