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November 2018

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Hello there everyone. :) Is it fine to ask specific JavaScript-related questions around here? I’m playing around with Shadow DOM currently.

— In Vanilla JS ?
i want to wirte one too but in pureScript

— Yes, plain JavaScript.

— I’m trying to attach a shadow DOM with a full document inside. I had hoped that I could just dump the full markup into a template element, but that strips the html, head and body elements.

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— Currently, I’m creating html, head, and body elements by hand, insert the head and body markup and then I append the head and body elements to the html element. This feels ... very odd to write out.

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— Wait a minute the shadow DOM was this thing in React or VueJS that renders, set HTML, only when smthing changes?

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— You are maybe talking about Virtual DOM?

— Oh

— Yes

— Lol

— Yikes :D