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November 2018

— Imo the vast majority of projects are killed 50% of the time because there's an internal conflict of interest (EEE) or 50% of the time because they straight up mis-manage X service

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It's pretty much an accepted industry standard that selling your company/tech to google means they just want to get rid of the competition

— "no one uses G+? better kill it" instead of "Lets make it actually usable"

— Hmm.. but you are the author, you decide

— Social media sites can't just be "good" in terms of usability they have to be better, A LOT BETTER, than the already existing sites

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— Pushing out service after service is a naive capitalist idea, grasping for money just like gambling

— Sure, they should be better

— They want to deliver the baby but they don't want to raise it

— Take a look at the time, the projects lived, it's a lot of time. authors have to accept that it's a failure and move on.

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— Or.. solve the problem.

— You can accept failure and also solve problems

— You can execute what's called a pre-mortem and restart