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November 2018

— And session service


Session service checks user sessions, talks to auth service to generate or validate crypto hashes based on auth status, which uses token service to generate/validate them

— Guys, welp

— Just welping, i know my solution, its just -..complex

— That's a sympathy welp from me dawg

— ❤️

— Hello!

— Sorry for my english, im Italian! (pizza, mafia e mandolino!)

— I need help... I created an array with for a group af instance, about a class called "radio podcast". I would like use the "option" tag to create a drop list, where the user can choose an argument or a date to filter the podcast...

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— I need help to use the "option", cause i cant take the value the user chooses

— With jQuery $('select option:selected).val()

— Its for university