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November 2018

— Why do you reverse twice?


Alright, actually expectation output is ["how", "are", "you"] but on the process I should use reverse loops, and restore the the result from reverse using sorting.

I'm only testing for exercise.


function reverse(str) {
return str.split('').reverse().join('');

function tokenize(str) {
const reversed = reverse(str); // 2
const normal = reverse(reversed); // 4
const result = normal.split(' '); // 3 and 5?
return result;

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— Sorting doesn't make sense at all

— Thanks, Thomas for the insight.
I'm will trying your code.
yes, maybe the sorting doesn't make sense at all. but I believe with sorting can restore the text to normal but I didn't find out. 😊

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— Thank you admin. My user name is Sultan Imam S.Kom., M.Kom., and please allow me;'Mohon bimbingannya'; to join telegram groups.

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— Ye admin, nice sunglasses🤤

— Https://

— "member joining the group"

— Hello people, I need some help

— I'm trying to find examples or microservices that can be useful, or common, for companies

— In order to implement them in my FaaS as examples