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November 2018

— Project for later


Yeah, can add a boolean argument to the global dispatcher to make it require the compilers to run the evals

— The global dispatcher is added by the compiler, so it works

— Brilliant

— Does anyone use electron js?

— Define the problem

— Btw its friday movie time🤤

— So what to watch?

— Ive seen lastest mission impossible with Tomas Cruise🤤 very good inspirational thing, sure, not realistic and stupid, but energizing really😅😅😜

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— 🖐🏼

— I try to upload a file to a server using axios by the post method, I use showOpenDialog to search the file but at the time of loading it I read that with fs I could do it but nothing loads only the address of the directory where the file is located and I do not get send it to the server

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— Create a readstream and send it