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November 2018

— * It's MORE functional, since it can't be bound, closer to a mathematical function
* You don't have to know what declarations mean, that's dependant on context
* Treating functions as value expressions rather than declaration statements is easier to understand since it's closer to how functions actually work in JS

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1. it cant be bound because it already, implicitly bound but its called arrow. thats a bad word design. 2. if you have to, look at 1. 3. okay, i treat it as a bound function that cant be faster than normal function🤤

— No, it's not bound, it's contextless

— Yes, it's bound, you can access this

— Nope, you'd be accessing the parent this

— This is called binding

— Https://

— No

— It's not

— How is it called then?

— Arrowing🤤

— All the worth of arrow functions is short syntax => concept taken from CoffeeScript