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November 2018

— My first project was a broker in zmq


I think we are returning to the past where we were discussing arrow function and it is not faster as some v8 dev said

— But i always have preferred to look into v8 internals rather than js code itself

— And it's not slower either

— But it CAN become faster

— Because it does less work

— And I prefer arrow functions syntax-wise, so I use them

— Use whatever makes your source nicer

— Its less functional and cant be bound. this nice syntax spanws more problems, because it eats your memory in the brain, so you have to know what let/const/=> etc means. simply, more entities

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— * It's MORE functional, since it can't be bound, closer to a mathematical function
* You don't have to know what declarations mean, that's dependant on context
* Treating functions as value expressions rather than declaration statements is easier to understand since it's closer to how functions actually work in JS

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— 1. it cant be bound because it already, implicitly bound but its called arrow. thats a bad word design. 2. if you have to, look at 1. 3. okay, i treat it as a bound function that cant be faster than normal function🤤

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— No, it's not bound, it's contextless