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January 2020

— Also, at 7:32, are the pointers automatically deleted? why will we do so?


You cant (shouldnt) move from an object if somebody else holds a reference to it because one wouldnt know the object was moved-from

— Old memory is deleted, pointers are redirected, pointers in moved-from object are zeroed

— I think he didnt say about deletion because in this example vector was empty

— We call the old-pointer thing as moved-from?

— Moved from object was an argument of move ctor or move assignment

— Often (but not always) argument of std::move becomes moved-from

— Guys who can help make the code in the matrix write in private messages please

— Why private message?

— That would not spam in the chat

— Well if it is to topic it doesn't matter? If it is off topic you can ask in offtopic group

— At 11:25, does that mean deep copy or shallow copy