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January 2020

— Purge complete.


So, i am supposed to do a SparseMatrix which is not allocated at all
Let's say I have a matrix that got no dimension at all, but can hypothetically got a NxM dimension. So it has to be a matrix without being one(?) Does this make sense? So I allocate an index only if required by someone by adding a value in that position. Every index (i,j) is filled by a struct
If I want to create such thing, using templates, do you have any clue as how should I implement it? I can't use a matrix a have to use a different approach, like struct pointers (C++)

— No dimension = 0
So the matrix will be of 0
Means empty

— Then why even create it on first place

— Wait it won't be a matrix then

— This is f*cked up

— Guys, do you know speed diff between OpenSSL and Crypto++?
Considering AES256, GCM

— As a simple approach you can use a unordered_map, and use a vector as a key.
So when you need to add two dimensional point, you call it with {x, y}, three dimensional with {x,y,z} and so on.
And then depending on how it should (or shouldn't) work when you mix everything in it you can make a struct with specific hashing function for a key, add asserts and so on

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— I can't make use of standard library

— You probably have some analogs in your project libraries

— I don't know, can I contact some there if need any help?

— I have the source code of a C library that I'd like to use in my C program. What's the proper way of doing that?

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