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January 2020

— While you install c++ packet there is option win32


Nothing, its has been pack in Operating System. But may be some api function has been depreacated, so u must be check and verify before using it

— Nope wrong, *most* winapi functions call into the ntdll which is shipped with every windows installation

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— Https://
This may help you

— Bit you cannot use wipapi without installing it(yeah, I tried)

— You mean programming?

— Well of course you need the windows sdk for it, if you install vs2019 it's included, otherwise you need visual studio build tools

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— How can you not?

— I guess you can't do without it

— Yeah, I used vs17, and had to install windows sdk with build-in libraries

— Yes you can, take a look at the ss, all functions are exported

— Heh why would you tho?