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January 2020

— I don't like Qt


Also, of course I've been looking at the documentation for a long time, but my question was rather specific

— Gotcha

— Maybe it's written in the documentation, I won't say it can't, but I haven't been able to find it so I asked if anybody knew

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— Set though its property, i guess it's name 'checked'. Searh in MSDN for details

— Win32 api support u powerful access to system. And it can be run without mangle library or extenal SDK. Easy for build and deploy

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— I found that property, but I have to idea how to toggle it properly

— Kek
You forgot that you install library while installing win32

— Set it directly though obect, for i.e. A.checked = true
If u using win 32 api, call it though appropriate function

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— Wat, please tell me, which library do you install under a windows system to use the winapi?

— While you install c++ packet there is option win32

— Nothing, its has been pack in Operating System. But may be some api function has been depreacated, so u must be check and verify before using it

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