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January 2020

— Actually i lied i was talkin about win.h lol


Why would you? The good practice is to use crossplatform solutions, like Qt for GUI, boost for networking, interprocess communication, etc
Good luck with learning Win32 Api

— Sometimes people want to learn something the hard way to appreciate the easy way

— I like that mentality

— I don't like Qt

— Also, of course I've been looking at the documentation for a long time, but my question was rather specific

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— Gotcha

— Maybe it's written in the documentation, I won't say it can't, but I haven't been able to find it so I asked if anybody knew

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— Set though its property, i guess it's name 'checked'. Searh in MSDN for details

— Win32 api support u powerful access to system. And it can be run without mangle library or extenal SDK. Easy for build and deploy

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— I found that property, but I have to idea how to toggle it properly

— Kek
You forgot that you install library while installing win32