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January 2020

— Aight


So the question is: I'm using visual studio to create the .rc file. to create a menu I used the gui and everything works, but I have no idea how to make an item of the menu checked or not

— The reference for this would be notepad's word wrap menu item, it's checked when word wrap is on and clean when it's off

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— My advice: use Qt for building interfaces

— The issue is not building an interface for a program, I'm actually trying to learn win32 APIs

— The ms docs arent the best, but you can probs find a tutorial online

— Https://

— Actually i lied i was talkin about win.h lol

— Why would you? The good practice is to use crossplatform solutions, like Qt for GUI, boost for networking, interprocess communication, etc
Good luck with learning Win32 Api

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— Sometimes people want to learn something the hard way to appreciate the easy way

— I like that mentality

— I don't like Qt