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January 2020

— First of all, as someone with actual autism, I feel pretty much like punching you in the nose; then, as an engineer that writes pretty sensitive code, and codes that needs testing in some peculiar setups, I feel like you are a complete idiot that doesn't know what he says: an implementation of RC6 is 3 dozens lines of code, and trust me you will run twice that many test cases to make sure it is written correctly, not even mentioning tests for potential timing attacks; finally, when someone writes a library, tests should be given with it no matter the size, and likewise should be give examples and documentation, and nobody gives a damn about the tests returning it worked, the point is being concerned if the tests no longer work after a change

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Why are you getting so angry lmao? my point is, if your project isnt big, you dont need tests. and you would get that if you would read my message. and at the end of the day, the code works or doesnt work.

— You should seriously stop caring what other people think about you, will help you alot 🙃

— Send leran movie c

— Movies are not can check out videos on YouTube for C beginners

— Retards

— Huh

— Wtf

— I like Rust

— That's a peculiar username

— Hi, I am an actual human and am interested in learning C++

— /report wtf