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January 2020

— Google learn C programming and find the 5 hour course on youtube


Hi I started to approach the programming mode recently and I'm starting to have some problems so I thought to write to you hoping for your help. I state that I am on windows and I have installed Dev-C ++ (to program in C ++) but I have not understood how to install a new library. I searched on google but found nothing.

— Https://

— Heya :) PM me if you have any questions on how to use me!

— Hie

— Hiii

— Hey can any one tell me which site or YouTube channel is best for DataStructures by using c

— There are none

— Please anyone help me in the output

— I searched online but i don't get it

— Submission is the output

— Guys i have to enter a text. i am working on a notebook project. the user enters the text with new lines and at the end he or she decides to stop writing and saves the text. here i am struggling how to stop the while loop. i tried CTRL+C but this thing breaks the entire program not just the while loop)

i googled a lot. but can't understand anything. i would appreciate any help

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