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January 2020

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It's called hash functions and you use SHA fsmişy these days.
They're special funcyions that even if you change a bit in the whole message, output hashsum will be lot different.

— Hi guys

— I have a question c and c ++ and the same thing?

— Nope

— ..

— Hi.

while (getline(std::cin, line)) {
myfile << line << "\n";

i wanted to know how can i stop getting input and continue the flow of the program after while statement?

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— You need to create a condition to break the loop.

— Like if the user presses enter or stops typing for a certain length of time.

— If you are trying for a word processor usually you switch between taking input from the event queue and performing other tasks.

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— Nope!
Hell not at all!

— Something like:
if(line.size() == 0)