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January 2020

— Is there a program or tool? It encrypts c++ strings !


I was thinking that the destructor deletes as soon as it gets to the ~. Then I'll try in the morning

— That's the default behavior yea

— What are checksum differ checksum match Any one of them is responsible for protecting files from modification And to prevent any file being tampered with from loading when running the program

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— I want to add it to my program

— /report

— It's called hash functions and you use SHA fsmişy these days.
They're special funcyions that even if you change a bit in the whole message, output hashsum will be lot different.

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— Hi guys

— I have a question c and c ++ and the same thing?

— Nope

— ..

— Hi.

while (getline(std::cin, line)) {
myfile << line << "\n";

i wanted to know how can i stop getting input and continue the flow of the program after while statement?

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