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January 2020

— Good evening. I've only been using C ++ since yesterday and I'm having some minor problems: I saw "return 0" on the web but I didn't understand what it is for. In addition I don't understand how to convert an int variable into a string variable and lastly because when I click I send the code does not go on like in Python. sorry for my english but i'm italian

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1. return 0 just retuns a number 0 from current function.
2. int a = 1; std::stringstream ss; ss << a; string intstring = ss.str();
3. you need to compile the program to run it

— What the fuck

— ? ? ?

— I am from Finland. No entiendo Italian

— No, not italy

— I compiled it and it works but when I click send Nothing happens. I'll give you an example:
When the user clicks send the program closes. In Python it was enough to make input () but here?

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— ?

— Just send your code

— Aah!

add to the end

std::string input;
std::cin >> input;

— 2 seconds

— If you are on windows, you can use system("pause");