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January 2020

— That may be true, but you learn a lot and also make sure the project has good quality. It's not mandatory to have them all. In my projects I have CMake, clang-tidy, clang-format, tests and examples. You can forget about them, but trust me, you also learn a lot using all of them

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No, you just waste your time to satisfy your autism with some checkmarks being green and some numbers looking "okay"

— We do not

— Any one have a c# group

— vcsharp

— Thank you so much bro ❤️

— Okay, looks like we see developing very differently

— Also, things like testing and analyzers should be a must in every project. You might not agree, but most developers do agree

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— Sounds autistic

— How about cases where it's not possible to do testing on target?

— ^this

— And. even dumber example, you write a tool that parses some text and just outputs it in another format, the whole tool is 100 lines, does this really need testing????

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