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January 2020

— Https://


Guys i started my oops concepts recently and i would like to have some materials and resources regarding it ..

— Time to die again

— Wut

— Hi guys.. can someone share ebook of c++ and vc++

— Hello, is there any one have a c# group 😅

— C++ Primer 5th Edition, not Plus one, be aware

— Can't share e-book though...

— Guys, I've written a library, built an API and want to open source it soon but I want to stress and quailty-control it as much as I can before releasing.
Like code quality, architecture, performance, obvious dumb things....
Any suggestions?

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— Every good project should have, at least:
- Continuous Integration
- Tests
- Benchmarks
- Examples
- Static analyzer/Address Sanatizer
- Build system

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— When we use **array[]

— No, a good project should have code that works