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January 2020

— Do i have to implement it in base class?


To make a class abstract you need to declare at least one member function as pure virtual:
virtual foo() = 0;

— And you need to declare a destructor to be virtual
virtual ~MyClass() = default;

— C#?

— C++

— Is this necessary for making a class abstract?

— Even though without this may lead to some random behaviour at times when you delete the derived object using Base's pointer.

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— It's necessary for making class polymorphic and behave correctly

— Yes

— BTW, polymorphic classes are those which have a virtual function or inherit one. Right?

— So both base and derived come are polymorphic?

— Never send an entire project. Just a code snippet that reproduces your problem. Also, by doing that every time you a face a bug, you normally end up finding it before asking for help

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