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January 2020

— Me too, but prefer Visual Studio + Resharper


I am vside guy as well (and only use resharper++, c# resharper is quite bad) but did linux switch for some time

— Well i'll try that qtcreator thing

— Purge complete.

— I like R# / Rider

— I like it because it's crossplatform and can do almost anything, i don't like how it's slow tho

— Compared to all vs-things

— Well, it is not slow on my computer :)
Only Resharper can get slow at startup, but that's it

— Well, actually it's kinda offtopic

— So let's stop this

— Don't tell me that you just can't feel the overall sluggishness compared to vs

— I ran rider on several machines, several os-es several times and it was same all the time