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January 2020

— Anyone using vscode + qt?


I've installed qtcreator + qt-base, it automatically installed libs to /usr/lib/qt/... but seems to be broken

— Qtcreator seems to work normally tho but i want to be able to use it inside vscode with intellisense + writing my own makefile

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— It's broken because of the qt/ path i guess

— How should i fix this? LD? reinstall libs somehow? different g++ settings?

— What build system do you use?

— Make

— G++

— My temporary makefile

— I am not sude how vscode uses intellisense c++ settings tho, at first it seemed like it's somehow connected to makefile but... it has it's own .vscode settings so

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— Tried adding includes like that, intellisense still broken

— K this maybe works