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January 2020

— Proofs or warn


I would recommend bgfx. Its a cross platform intermediate rendering library support dx11, 12, open gl, vulkan and much more. Its easy to use and open source.

— I think he being told only that thing . He's thoughts are cheap ever in programming lol 😂😂

— /unmute Ali

— This person can already speak freely!

— Well hes right if you want to build a game better use Unity, Unreal or CryEngine or even open source Godot. Sure you can build your own engine and its fun and cool but also a lot of work and it takes long

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— Game would be better without engine))

— So you want to build your own engine?

— No, he is just a troll

— Only admins can execute this command!

— I dont like trolls 😐

— All can use enjine but only man can use BIOS interruptions to create snake