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January 2020

— That was entertaining as hell to reread. Life lessons and coding best practices from a 16 year old


Never thought I'd see the day where someone who can barely work 40 hours a week legally thinks he knows literally everything about something so diverse

— He used to be half decent before he decided to switch to getting taught programming by a schizophrenic

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— Oh yeah that'll do it

— `ostream & operator <<(ostream &os, Test &r)
return o;

Why don't we just return os? If os is the reference to cout then why again return reference to os? Isn't reference to os same as refererence to cout?

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— You meant return os right?

— Yeah

— Well look cout is just a global variable of the type ostream

— Maybe someone has their own variable and it that would not work if we return cout

— I didn't get that

— I have a question, when we return by value, the copy of the returned object is created and then that copy is returned so is copy constructor called during this copying?

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— Yep but either the object gets moved or with rtvo (return value optimization) this copy gets eleminated (except maybe for primitives)

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