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January 2020

— Me 2


Are you serious? The kernel is one part. It gets released when torvalds chooses to release it. Theres no other software and people can choose what kernel they want. Some like support, some like kernel hacking, some are developing for a specific branch, and some like bleeding edge, youre sounding like a lunatic that is getting confused with distros

— Don't mind him, he is that a lunatic

— I didnt realize how far that went

— That was entertaining as hell to reread. Life lessons and coding best practices from a 16 year old

— Never thought I'd see the day where someone who can barely work 40 hours a week legally thinks he knows literally everything about something so diverse

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— He used to be half decent before he decided to switch to getting taught programming by a schizophrenic

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— Oh yeah that'll do it

— `ostream & operator <<(ostream &os, Test &r)
return o;

Why don't we just return os? If os is the reference to cout then why again return reference to os? Isn't reference to os same as refererence to cout?

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— You meant return os right?

— Yeah

— Well look cout is just a global variable of the type ostream