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January 2020

— Also C arrays are zero based


First of a all add values to array either with for loops or manually currently those are holding garbage values.
And d,t,r should be out of the loop you don't need loop for that.
Use loops to give values to array.

— Thank you..

— Hey i need little help i have pointer to node call it current.

— I want exactly same pointer but different from current.

— SolderingCurrent = current;

— Both are pointer to Node. this statement does is solderingCurrent is now pointing to same location as current right? how can i make a copy of current and solderingCurrent should point to that copy

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— Node is a struct which contains a struct and pointer to next struct

— Auto solderingCurrent = new Node(*current);

— On C plz

— Node * solderingCurrent = malloc(sizeof(Node));
memcpy(solderingCurrent, current, sizeof(Node)); // Or some other operations for copying

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— It isn't solving