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January 2020

— Always used NAudio + C# on windows (to make soundplayer, FFT visualiser and stuff), is there anything like this for C++ and linux (+ windows)?

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I was about to run NAudio on .net core since it supports .net standard, but it's waveout (sound player) is deeply connected to winapi

— What about OpenAL?

— But I ideally need something that can open wave files and buffer them out to soundcard on both linux + windows... xd

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— I want to center align my text in the terminal
How can i do it?
Is there any function in C for this purpose?

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— Try the ncurses library

— Thanks for the suggestion.but I use ncurses library compatible with windows10?

— You will have to work with the terminal window

— Can you provide me any example?
Actually i'm a beginner and i don't know so much about the terminals

— Um ncurses, or

— Ncurses is hot

— #include<iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
int i,j,d,t,r,z;
int a[3][3];

// for determinates.

t= a[1][2]*(a[2][1]*a[3][3]-a[3][1]*a[2][3]);

cout<<"the determinates is ="<<endl;
return 0;


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