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January 2020

— These lines are not leaking themselves
but if you'll use this class and not delete every item using your delete_from it will leak because the items won't be deleted on the list deletion

what you need is to write a destructor that will delete the items

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Wow man, thank you a lot. have been waiting for this so long! simple question, nobody wants to give an answer

— Answering over codes easier, most people ask wrong thing or just don't supply enough information.
Keep that in mind.

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— /warn Read the rules: no screen photo.

— User ‎ has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
Read the rules: no screen photo.

— Can you next time past it through, as the rules say

— Sorry

— Also, what kind of mistake you're looking for?

— The output is repeating......

— I am using Do while loop but i gave it in the correct syntax didn't get out of the loop

— #include<stdio.h>
int main()
char a,b;
printf("Enter the password : ");
if(a == "letmein")
printf("Access Granded");
printf("Access denaid \n");
printf("Do you want to continue..(Y/N)");
}while(b == "Y"||"y");
return 0;

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— This is the code