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October 2018

— Hi to everyone 😃!
I've tested the power of sync and async generators (es8) making something similar to transducers, because you can compose adjacent map, filter and reduce.
You can find the code here:

A little feedback will be appreciated. Unfortunately yield is still not an efficient operation so I don't think that for now my library could be useful.
But it is possible to see what es8 nowadays can do.

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Thomas likes to fit pipes🤤 result = water(param).pipe(func1, func2) or maybe result = waterPipe(param, [func1, func2])

— Your api design is not good, imo

— ?

— Whats your api preference? computer(make(me(a(program)))) or computer(make).me(a, program) or..

— Second one

— First one

— Pure functions are composable, objects and props are usually not

— Monolith🤤

— And you can apply math to composable functions

— No, many functions

— General data structures