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January 2020

— It's not the same idea


C# would be a easier and really complete start, C++ and C are more powerful, but harder (you have to learn pointers, memory management, etc...)

— Sorry.... Has anyone done any game with c

— Hi can help me for finde chat for developer web?

— With C++

— Wow.... What game please

— /report

— Reported maddy to admins.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

— Wtf?

— it_chats

— Ty dude

— There were lot of small stuff that I didn't release
from the interesting, this one was made with my neighbor
and this one on UE4
and at work worked on Gardenscapes, Armored Warfare Mobile, and a couple of other games that I don't want to disclose here

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