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January 2020

— The python/lua/R etc frameworks tend to hold your hand (exception is pytorch) and do alot of the work for you. is this the same for C++ frameworks? or do you just build them from scratch knowing the different bits and functions that make up those large networks

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People faced a problem in the 90/80s
They wanted to focus on solving problems rather than writing programs correctly

— And then Agile came along

— In more technical
Python, Java and so on came along

— Cause python and java are correct lol

— Checksum is CRC?

— There are different algorithms, CRC is one of them

— CRC is a type if checksum

— 😰😰😰

— Like this

— I don't understand what you're trying to say
And don't post screen photos, please

— If you want me to guess what algorithm is hiding behind these "Checksums match" and "Checksums differ" then I can't

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