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January 2020

— About the nuisances in Language X is better than Y


Continue with c++ don't think too much. C++ is a superset of C so you will end up Knowing both languages then just read about difference between c and c++ syntaxes and you are good to go you now know two hardest languages. You can learn any other language like python, js or whatever you will find it much much simpler.

— From isocpp

— Edited thx

— You're welcomed :)

— I mean you can leterally do everything in c++ while others have limits because of high-level they stay on

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— C++ can do anything
But it's not the best choice for anything

— About c i can tell that c++ offers a lot of things which clang really lacks

— Exactly

— Yeah but remember that in 80s and 90s people managed to do everything with c/c++

— Because they haven't choice

— And how did they creat some choices? with c/c++