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January 2020

— Well our sucks xD


Your first C-family language? C#

need fast great language you can use for your project? C++

need fastest cross-platform solution that will make your final app faster than anything else | lowlevel app? C

— U don't have life? Assembly

— May i ask what school is it?

— Stick to the C++. C is smaller, but it does not mean it is easier.

Assembly for example is even smaller than C, but I really doubt someone will say it is simpler than C

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— It really depends on what you are doing and if just want to start programming and learn your first language, go with C# unless you know that you want to master low-level, then C it is

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— Exactly

— Haha . assembly?

— Gympl

— But it really depends on what he is trying to do, maybe he does micro-chips (where u can go with c++ in theory) and you definitelly want to use c as a concrete block there

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— Lul then i understand i guess

— I mentioned assembly to show that simpler != easier.