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January 2020

— Micro softs for micro brains


My vision of using arch

*calm evening with favourite songs and half-transparent blured ide coding my favourite projects*

real use case of arch

*pacman -Syu each minute, ocd attacks from ui micro-lags, spamming my friends with my i3 setup and wallpaper collection*

— Learn hardware architecture first. At least a bit

— R/unixporn

— U make me blush

— Meanwhile, in Slackware...

— Depends on school

— Like, unironically give me a reason to use Arch over Slackware. 2020 challenge

— Well our sucks xD

— Your first C-family language? C#

need fast great language you can use for your project? C++

need fastest cross-platform solution that will make your final app faster than anything else | lowlevel app? C

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— U don't have life? Assembly

— May i ask what school is it?